The Pug Dog 


Of all of the dogs is the Pug 

who might be king of the castle. 

If you're looking to bug 

he might first give you a hassle. 

But, the Pug dog is kind, 

he would never offend. 

He is just looking to find 

if you'd be his next friend. 

No! He's not really pugnacious 

as his name might suggest. 

He is really quite gracious, 

kings and queens like him best. 


Michael Leiter 

May 1995  



Pugsly is picky about what he will wear 

Never a spot, a stain, or a tear 

Image is something in which he'll gloat 

Until he notices his wringkled coat! 


Taken from the TY Beanie Baby 

Given to me as a gift by Betty Darlyn 

of Bellwood, PA, USA